Sportsbook – What is Virtual Sports?

Virtual Sports is a selection of scheduled fixed odds games (events) in which the outcome is determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG). They are derived from fantasy sports and are inspired by real sporting events. A virtual betting game can be played at all hours of the day, offering customers betting opportunities whenever they want.

Players can wager on virtual horse racing, tennis, soccer, basketball, motorsport, cycling matches, and are offered the same types of bets that would be available if they were betting on a real event: outright winner, total score, over/under, moneyline, finishing positions, etc. Practically any sport can have a virtual counterpart, and many providers even offer 3D graphical simulations of matches, fights, and races. From the perspective of the bettor, the experience looks very similar to betting on real sports, but the actual outcome is determined by an RNG. 

For all prices presented in the video streams the Fractional displayed is used, and the outcomes cannot be influenced in any way by JeetBuzz. JeetBuzz will be voiding all players’ bets and returning funds to the players’ account in the event of a technical problem with the virtual sports.

The main difference between virtual sports and live events is speed and frequency. Live betting is associated with long waiting times between matches or races. Virtual sports, on the other hand, are available around the clock, with no holidays, offseasons, or other interruptions. The process is much quicker too, so the bettors can place more wagers on virtual sports than they would when betting.

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