Top 8 mistakes you should avoid when depositing

►Mistake Number 1 | Choosing a Wrong Payment Option
Please note that our payment method is via Cash Out instead of ‘send money’ or ‘make payment’. Cash out is the only online formal payment channel that we provided. Please ensure that you’re choosing the correct option, JeetBuzz will not be liable for missing funds due to incorrect information. Kindly click here to know more about how to make a deposit via BangkokPay.


►Mistake Number 2 | Cash out without submitting a Deposit Request
Our deposit system in JeetBuzz is performed in two different steps. First, cash out into the company’s any bKash/Nagad/Rocket agent number. Second, submit a deposit request on JeetBuzz after a successful cashout. Please note that, without submitting the deposit request, your account won’t be adjusted with the deposit balance even though your cash out was successful. 


►Mistake Number 3 | Enter an incorrect Deposit Request Amount
Please ensure that your transferred amount is the same as your deposit request amount, JeetBuzz will not be liable for missing funds due to incorrect information.


►Mistake Number 4 | Cash Out Below 500tk
Our minimum deposit amount is 500tk. Please note that you will not be able to submit a deposit form if you do not reach our minimum deposit limit. If you mistakenly cash out an amount less than our minimum deposit limit, you will need to do an additional cash out to the same JeetBuzz agent number from your same mobile banking number to meet our minimum deposit limit.


►Mistake Number 5 | Failing to recognize your correct Transaction ID
Transaction ID/reference number is an identification number of the cash out. Basically, the transaction id for Rocket will be displayed as a 10-digit number, while bKash and Nagad will be displayed as alphanumeric characters. Copy the transaction ID from your transaction slip and enter it accurately into the column of reference number in the deposit form and submit your deposit request. Please note the number zero ‘0’ and the letter “O” when writing the reference number.


►Mistake number 6 | Submit a Deposit Request with an Invalid Transaction Slip
Avoid uploading a SMS notification screenshot, which is now being rejected by our team as an invalid slip. Therefore, we recommend that you cashout through the app instead of using bKash, Rocket or Nagad Mobile Menu. If you’re using the Mobile Menu, such as *247# bKash Menu, you need to login to your mobile banking app and get the valid transaction slip from the ‘Transaction History’ option. 

Gentle reminder, please provide a slip clearly showing your transaction time & date, transaction ID and cashout amount. If you fail to upload or attach your transaction slip into the deposit form, our system will reject your deposit request for lack of supporting documents. You must resubmit the deposit request with a valid transaction slip before proceeding to the next step. This will help us process your deposit amount faster. 


►Mistake number 7 | Uploading a Duplicate Slip or Receipt
If you upload a transaction slip that has been submitted or used before, our deposit monitoring team will automatically reject your deposit request and your account will be temporarily suspended. In that case, you need to apply to our live chat team to reactivate your account, then upload a valid slip of your cash out and resubmit your deposit request. We recommend that you avoid this mistake as it may greatly damage your user image and appraisal.


►Mistake number 8 | Incomplete Deposit Form Submission using BangkokPay
You will be given 10 minutes to complete your cash out process through BangkokPay. First, cash out into the BangkokPay’s any bKash/Nagad/Rocket agent number. Second, fill up the deposit form with all of your cash out information. Please ensure that you input the correct information and submit your deposit form within the given time, do not refresh or leave the page, otherwise your deposit request will be automatically submitted with your incomplete information which takes time for the deposit request to decline.

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