JeetBuzz Casino – What is Lightning Roulette?

In Lightning Roulette, you can bet on the full range of Roulette bets just as you would in our standard European Live Roulette which is played with a total of 37 pockets, each comes with a number from 0-36 representing pockets. 36 of the pockets were coloured with red or black, and the number 0 coloured with green. What makes Lightning Roulette different is as the name suggests, its speed and unique features like Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payout which provide extra chances to win.

Each game round features from 1 to 5 lucky numbers, If you win a straight-up bet on these numbers, a multiplier of 50 to 500 times shall be applied to your win, depending on the quantity that has been generated. All lucky numbers and their respective payout values are generated completely at random. Non-multiplied Straight Up Bets will payout at 30 to 1, while all other bets such as Splits, Corners, Red/Black and Dozens pay the same as standard Roulette. There’s also a special elliptical roulette table which allows you to place neighbour bets more easily. 

Besides that, there are many special features in Evolution Gaming. For example, the ‘Multi-Game Table’ allows you to join up to 4 different game tables simultaneously and view them all in the same browser window, which is something you can’t miss out!

For more information, check out the video below!

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